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International Center of Ukrainian-Turkish Cooperation

Директор центру
Director of the Center for Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation Head. Department of education of foreign citizens
Elena Shevchuk,
Phone: +38(067)2974024

Site of the center

April 9, 2019, the International Center for Ukrainian-Turkish Cooperation began its work. The activity of the Center ensures the organization and development of cooperation of ONAFT and its partners with academic and public institutions, organizations, business entities in the provision of services for the recruitment of foreigners and universities of the Republic of Turkey; organizational and informational work with students about the possibility of continuing their studies at Turkish universities.

The main task of the Center is to promote the development of international cooperation in the cultural and humanitarian spheres between Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey.

The work of the Center will allow implementing bilateral projects, intensifying cooperation between ONAFT and public institutions and universities of the Republic of Turkey.