V.S. Martynovskyi Educational & Scintific Institute of Cold, Cryotechnologies and Environmental Energy

D-r of Tech. Sci., Prof.
Kosoi Boris Vladimirovich

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V.S. Martynovskyi Educational & Scintific Institute of Cold, Cryotechnologies and Environmental Energy - is an educational and scientific center that brings together three faculties: low-temperature equipment and technology, applied ecology, power and oik-gas technologies, information technologies and cybersafety.

The Institute founded in 1922 is one of the most reputed educational and scientific establishments of Ukraine that contributed greatly to development of the national engineering in the sphere of refrigeration and cryogenic equipment and technology.

Long-term experience of the Institute clearly shows that today the high quality of training is ensured only under condition of combining the educational process and research work of scientific schools and leading specialists of higher educational institutions.

The Institute is aimed at creation of a new generation of specialists on the basis of fundamental and specified knowledge who are capable of creative work.

The educational process is aimed so that each of its graduates could offer, accept and implement technical ideas, to adapt easily to changing conditions in production.

The strategic direction of the Institute is work on implementation of innovative low-temperature technologies in Ukraine and abroad and provision of high-level scientific education.

The Institute has 7 research schools in the areas of low-temperature technology, thermal physics, ecology, information technologies. The research works are carried out within the research complex uniting problematic and industry research laboratories. The researches are carried out in collaboration with scientists from universities in the USA, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Russia in such areas as "Refrigeration equipment and technology", "Cryogenic support of technological processes in metallurgy, oil chemistry, gas industry", "Cryomedicine, cryobiology, microcryogenic appliances", "Food safety", "Air-conditioning and life support" and etc.

The system of specialist training, traditions of educational activity that has passed the test of time, provide education and training of technical intelligentsia meeting the most advanced requirements.

More information about the institute can be found on the web-site www.irce.onaft.edu.ua.