Faculty of Oil, Gas and Ecology

Cand. of Сhemical Sci.,
Associate Professor
Shpyrko Tatyana Vasilyevna,
Ph.: 723-86-28, 720-91-74

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Faculty of Oil, Gas and Ecology is a part of the Educational and Scientific Institute of cold, cryotechnologies, environmental energy named after Martynovskyi. The faculty trains specialists in three educational and qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, master, and in four fields of training: "Thermal engineering", "Electrical engineering and electrical technologies", "Ecology, environmental protection and balanced use of natural resources", "Oil and gas business".

At the faculty the students can be taught in the following specialties:

At the faculty there are four graduate departments which conduct fruitful research work at the global level, prepare textbooks and educational materials, publish textbooks and manuals in their field. The research and teaching staff of the graduate departments are highly qualified: among the teachers there are 8 doctors of sciences, 9 professors, 32 associate professors, candidates of sciences, 4 academicians of the International Academy of Cold, 1 academician of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, 5 Honored masters of science and engineering and Honorary worker of education of Ukraine.

At students’ disposal there are modern computer classes, laboratories, which are equipped with unique modern experimental stands, devices and installations. All conditions are created for participation of students in research work, student competitions in academic disciplines and scientific conferences. There are all kinds of practice - educational, technological, industrial, pre-graduate, research work of students is carried out in the laboratories of the Academy, at the leading enterprises, research institutions located in Odessa, Odessa region and in other cities of Ukraine.

Specialty «Oil and gas pipelines and oil and gas storage»

The current state of the energetic complex of Ukraine requires measures to search for oil and gas, their transportation and storage with the further use, implementation of new energy-saving technologies.

An significant perspective is development of oil and gas production in the Odessa region, in particular, methane clathrate from the Black Sea shelf. The most important part of student education is fundamental education - physics, chemistry, mathematics and special subjects, which will be studied by students: hydraulic and gas networks and gas and oil storages, machinery and equipment for oil pipelines and gas and oil storages, design and operation of oil and gas pipelines and gas and oil storages, diagnostics and repair of oil and gas pipelines and gas and oil storages, gas, oil and oil products transportation through pipelines, eco-energetics audit and management of gas and oil pipelines and gas and oil storages, physical chemistry of oil products and computer-aided design of gas and oil storages, mathematical simulation of gas and oil transportation, thermal physical properties of oil and oil products, infrastructure and modes of operation of oil and gas pipelines and storages.

Training of specialists in the specialty stated above is complemented with intensified training in energy saving in the gas and oil industry, modern methods of diagnostics and non-destructive testing of pipelines and equipment, use of computers and special refrigerating equipment in the industry.

Professional training allows you to work in such areas as mounting, adjusting, upgrading, operating, as well as designing of oil and gas pipelines, pipelines for oil products, oil and oil products depots (including gas stations), gas networks, underground gas storage, gas-filling compressor stations. The specialists in this specialty are in demand in the southern region, in particular, in Odessa there are such large enterprises of the oilfield complex of Ukraine as "Lucoil - Odessa Refinery", Odessa Portside Plant, OJSC "Eximnefteproduct", JSC "Sintez-Oil", pipeline "Odessa-Brody", pipeline "Shebelinka-Izmail", marine oil terminal "Yuzhnyi”, transfer terminals of liquefied gas in Ilyichevsk and Reni ports, Odessa linear production administration of main gas pipelines, Odessa automobile gas-filling compressor stations, OJSC "Odesnefteprodukt "and others.

Specialty «Alternative and renewable energy sources»

The concept of power engineers training is an the ability to solve problems of ecological and energy audit and management of enterprises, living buildings, offices of companies, work at enterprises, with companies, at the design and research organizations on elaboration of new technologies for use of alternative and renewable energy sources for heat production, power generation, cooling, elaboration of air conditioning systems, design and operation of new thermal engineering processes and units. The engineers dealing with alternative energy sources are characterized by advanced computer training, they should be able to be at the head in finding solutions for promising scientific, design, economic problems and problems of management in divisions of companies.

The specialists dealing with non-traditional sources of energy work in enterprises, municipal establishments of the city, in the agricultural sector, in companies for implementation of modern thermal systems, in the design, research organizations, etc.

The research fields are alternative and renewable sources of energy, solar energy, use of nanotechnology in energy, thermodynamics of refrigeration cycles, use of information technologies in thermodynamic researches, energy saving, properties of environmentally friendly working bodies, search for substances with desired properties for modern technologies, thermophysical properties of supercritical mixtures as the medium for creating nanomaterials and destruction of hazardous organic compounds.

The graduate department conducts joint researches with foreign scientists from Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Spain, Poland, Hungary, France and Japan. Functioning of this specialty is based upon maintenance of achievements and traditions of the national higher school, integration of higher education to the world educational space, expansion of access to the qualitative higher education and student mobility, assurance in graduate employment.

Specialty «Heat power engineering» and «Thermophysics»

Today, elaboration of new technologies with more efficient use of energy supplies, low-grade heat sources, creation of automated systems of technological, ecological and technical monitoring and control, design of heat power, refrigeration and other processes and devices to meet the challenges of energy and resource saving requires expansion of specialist training in popular specialty “Heat power engineering” and “Thermophysics”. Such training was organized in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and now traditionally it is continued in ONAFT.

The curriculum for bachelor training in field “Heat power engineering” is common for all higher educational institutions of Ukraine, the curriculum for training specialists and masters is specific for each higher educational institution. Among many professionally oriented and special subjects the key ones are as follows:

  • Methods and models in computer calculations.
  • Fluid and gas dynamics.
  • Energy complex of an industrial enterprise.
  • Energy sources for heat technology.
  • Methods of experimental researches and tests of processes and equipment of heat power technology.
  • Ecology and energy audit and management.

The presentation of the basic package of special subjects, scientific management by course works, projects and diploma projects in these specialties is carried out by graduate departments: the Department of Heat Power Engineering and the Department of Heat-Mass-Exchange.

By attracting students to their activities, the departments perform researches of thermophysical, thermal engineering, ecological problems and the problems related to them, they support social, scientific and technical communications with the power engineering services of the city, the region, with research organizations of Ukraine and European countries, the United States, with energy services of enterprises. The graduates work with their diploma projects on actual topics for Odessa region and Ukraine, by the orders of enterprises, on scientific themes of the departments of the Academy and European organizations - educational and scientific partners of the faculty.

Specialties «Ecology and environmental protection, Environmental safety, Environmental control and audit, Applied ecology and balanced use of natural resources»

Examination of the condition and the prospects for development of biological populations in water, on land and in air, effect of anthropogenic and technogenic pollution of the environment onto such development, formation on this background of such an important indicator as human health are very important problems, but they are not all the problems of the educational field “Ecology, protection of environment and balanced use of natural resources”.

Among many professionally oriented and special subjects in ONAFT the key ones are as follows:

  • Inspection of nature conservation.
  • Simulation and prediction of the state of the environment.
  • Processes and devices of environmental protection technology.
  • Counteraction to emergencies, accidents and catastrophes.
  • Fundamentals of ecological business.

By attracting students to their activities, the departments perform ecological researches, support social, scientific and technical communications with the ecological services of the city, the region, with ecological organizations of Ukraine and European countries, ecological services of enterprises, etc.

Every year the All-Ukrainian scientific and technical conference of young scientists and students is held: “Ecological and energetic problems of the day”, as well as the International scientific and technical conference “Actual problems of energetics and ecology”.

More information about the faculty can be found on the web-site www.eeng.onaft.edu.ua.