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Faculty «Innovative technologies of feeding, restaurant and hotel and tourism business» – is a modern corporation to train specialists for food industry and the hotel and restaurant business, one of the largest faculties of the Academy in quantity of students, we have enrolled about 1 thousand and 200 students. Our mission is to enable purposeful energetic young people to realize their knowledge, skills and abilities in finding a specialty that meets their ambitions.

Our specialties:

  • «Hotel and restaurant business»;
  • «Tourism»;
  • «Technology of nutrition»;
  • «Technology of health-improving and therapeutic food products».

Professional competence, quality of education and individual attention to each student - these are the basic principles of education at the Faculty with a unique opportunity to study the organizational and administrative, economic, commercial, investment and scientific and research activities in the field of food industry, restaurant, hotel management and tourism.

If you want to visit all corners of the world, strive to communicate and want to combine business and pleasure - choose specialty of tourism. Being trained in this specialty, you can choose one of the training programs:

  • wine tourism,
  • international tourism,
  • gastronomic tourism,
  • SPA-tourism.

Students study the following subjects: tourism organization, world tourism and hotel business, world recreational complexes, monitoring of world tourism market, tourism resources of Ukraine, information systems and technologies in tourism, specialized tourism, animation, organization of transport services, cruise organization and conflictology.

The graduates:

  • Directors of travel agencies, tour operators, companies, tourist complexes
  • Directors of tour companies, resort and entertainment services
  • Tourism science
  • Excursion scientists, guides, tour guides

Students of the hotel and restaurant business have an opportunity to choose a training program:

  • health resort business;
  • innovative technologies of restaurant business;
  • business planning;
  • Wellness-SPA industry;
  • wine steward.

They also study such subjects as: organization of restaurant industry organization of hotel business, technology of restaurant nutrition, catering, culinary ethnology, culinary arts, bar business, management and marketing of hotel and restaurant business, inventive management, electronic commerce, franchising, branding and electronic marketing, income management, design of hotel and restaurant facilities, design of hotel and restaurant facilities.


  • Restaurateurs
  • Hoteliers
  • Heads of establishments (president of an association, concern, corporation, CEO) of restaurant business, hotel and tourist complexes
  • Heads of sanatorium-resort establishments, boarding houses, recreation centers
  • Functional specialists (administrative work, marketing and commercial activities)

Students of specialty «Nutrition technology» choose the following specializations and training programs:

  • nutrition technology;
  • restaurant business and service;
  • fitness product technologies;
  • sports nutrition technologies;
  • child nutrition technology.

Students study: technology restaurant industry food products, food technology, catering, culinary ethnology, culinary art, automated enterprise control systems of restaurant management, product quality control at the enterprises of restaurant business, designing of restaurant business establishments.


  • Specialists in departments of production, sale and arrangement of goods consumption, products of restaurant business services);
  • Production managers, chief engineers, heads of production shops;
  • Technologists;
  • Chefs, sous-chefs;
  • Heads of the laboratories.

Specialty «Technology of health-improving and therapeutic food products» includes the following specializations and training programs:

  • technologies of sanatorium and resort catering;
  • technologies of dietary nutrition;
  • technologies of gerodietical nutrition;
  • expertise and food quality control.


  • Specialists in creation and production of next-generation products with significant therapeutic effect;
  • Experts in food safety;
  • Employees of customs laboratories for product testing.

The Faculty has created specialized educational laboratories:

  • Laboratory «Travel firm»;
  • Laboratory «Organization of restaurant business»;
  • Laboratory «Organization of hotel business»;
  • Laboratory «Bar business and wine stewards»;
  • Laboratory «Technologies of restaurant business production» with a tasting room and a room for master classes in culinary arts;
  • Room for planning and designing restaurants, hotels and tourist complexes with multimedia equipment;
  • The computer class is equipped with modern professional software for automation of work in a restaurant, hotel and travel company.

For students of all specialties the main emphasis is on practical aspects (real-life examples of existing institutions). Classes are conducted by professional practitioners, specialists of restaurant consulting, hotel business and tourism. Workshops and trainings are conducted by teachers from high educational institutions from other countries, as well as by well-known restaurateurs and hoteliers Odessa.

Practical training is organized at the leading establishments of hotel and restaurant business, recreation complexes and recreation centers of Odessa, southern coast of Crimea, in Transcarpathia. The best students have practice at the University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), as well as in hotels and restaurants in the United States within the international program «Work and Travel».

Faculty of innovative nutrition technologies catering, restaurant and hotel and tourism business – is:

  • one of the best faculties of the Academy in quality of education,
  • team of teachers - professionals, researchers who seek to improve constantly the forms and methods of education, use the latest techniques and modern information technologies,
  • a possibility of choosing an optional education scheme Bachelor - Specialist - Master - PhD - Doctor of Science,
  • a team of highly talented students with high developed self- government, scientific circles, art amateur clubs, sports clubs.

Education at the Faculty of innovative nutrition technologies, hotel and restaurant business and tourism results in a prestigious job and a successful career. A good choice of specialty may change your life for the better. Every year approximately 400 students join us.

DEAR APPLICANTS! Welcome to the Faculty of innovative nutrition technologies, restaurant and hotel and tourism business.

For more information about the Faculty of innovative nutrition technologies, restaurant and hotel and tourism business see web-site www.horeca.od.ua.